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Hey there! I'm Kate.

For the past five years, I've used my experience as a two-time Olympian and professional athlete to help athletes and high performers get unstuck and consistently show up at their best with clarity, confidence and joy.

Why? Because I've been through it all: the eager "high potential"... the stuck in a rut, frustrated under-performer... the unsure, anxious performer in transition. I know the high performance journey can be frustrating and lonely, and I'm here to change that.

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"My main goal when I started coaching was to improve my confidence - something that happened nearly immediately. I thought it would take longer since I’d been struggling for years... I am more focused, confident, my self talk is so much better, and I am so much happier!  Simply put: Kate is the best coach ever!"


"Kate knocked it out of the park! I've never seen so many positive testimonials in one training."

- Samantha Amick, Alliance for Better NonProfits

"Her coaching and the tools she has equipped me with have created long lasting changes in my mindset. I'm more confident, resilient and she's helped me grow so much. We started the coaching based on my desire to improve mentally for sport, but my improved mindset has helped improve all aspects of my life. I can’t recommend working with Kate enough."

- Magnus

"As the founder of a new women’s summit for entrepreneurs and professionals, I knew how important my selection of speakers would be on making an impact and inspiring attendees. I couldn’t have made a better decision than to have Kate kick-off the event with her incredible story."

- Catherine Porth, Director of Marketing, Survature

"With Kate’s help, I learned how to set boundaries, trust and stand up for myself, and courageously pursue my goals, even when people discourage me. Working with Kate has been an invaluable experience. If you’re considering coaching and you are willing to do the work, ready to make changes, and ready to commit, work with Kate! She’s amazing!"

- Laura