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For the past five years, I've combined experience as an Olympian and World Record setter and training from world's experts in mental training and performance psychology to help athletes and high achievers around the world clarify their dreams, build worth beyond winning, and consistently show up as their most authentic, best self without burning out.

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Programs designed to help you through all stages of the performance journey

The "High Potential"

"Stuck High Achiever"

"In Transition"

You have "potential." Congratulations! do you achieve your potential? Hard work, yes. But to achieve your best without losing yourself and burning out, you need to train your craft, body, and your mind. You need tools for developing confidence, mental toughness, boundaries and balance + support along the way.

You've tasted success and know what it's like to perform at your best and you're not. But, you're frustrated because you keep getting in your own way. Perhaps you're feeling burnt out and wondering if you should continue. Maybe you do the work but crumble under the pressure. Regardless, you know something needs to change.

Whether your career is cut short or coming to an end naturally, you're facing a transition. You're confused, unsure, second guessing yourself and wondering what's next or how to even go about determining that. Honestly, you're scared and overwhelmed, wondering - Will I ever figure this out? What if I make a mistake? Who am I?

Holistic High-Peformance

Virtual Course

There's a difference between seeking perfection and desiring to be your best. There's a difference between being mentally tough and gritty and becoming a robot. There's a difference between surviving and thriving.

Learn how to clarify your vision and voice, achieve your dreams, confidently and consistently show up at your best, and more deeply connect with yourself and others so that you can thrive in all of life's arenas.

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RISE Athlete Coaching

One-To-One, Virtual

Personalized coaching for youth athletes, teaching them the skills and mindset to achieve their goals; balance competition, friends, school, and family; overcome obstacles; build confidence; and - perhaps most importantly - become strong, more resilient human beings.

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Athletes at all stages

Peak Performance in Business and Life

Mindset Mastery

Virtual Course

You can train three things: You craft, body, and mind. Unfortunately, many ambitious, driven individuals put little time and energy into the latter, then wonder why their performance is not what they hoped.

It's time to change that and learn the tools and skills used by Olympians to achieve peak performance results. Covering topics such as goal setting, motivation, self-talk, visualization and imagery, energy management, and confidence, this course offers everything you need to develop a mental training routine for yourself so you can manage your emotions, break through barriers and achieve your dreams.

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Mental Training for high Performance

Before I started working with Kate I felt very self-conscious. I compared myself to other people, frequently beating myself up if I didn’t feel like I was as good as them. I also struggled with perfectionism. It wasn’t just that I wasn’t as good as other people. I never felt like I could be good enough. Even when I did something well, I always felt like I should have done better. I tried to change things on my own, but it never worked. 

My main goal when I started coaching was to improve my confidence - something that happened nearly immediately. I thought it would take longer since I’d been struggling for years, but Kate was incredible at being understanding but also challenging me. She helped me identify limiting beliefs and how I was sabotaging myself. I started to change my thinking and everything started to change. I am more focused, confident, my self talk is so much better, and I am so much happier! 

Simply put: Kate is the best coach ever!

- Jenna

What Clients are Saying

After hitting a plateau in performance and burnout, I was feeling really lost, hopeless, and didn’t know what to do. I questioned myself and what I was doing wrong. 

When I started meeting with Kate, I was in a pretty desperate place. After the first session a huge burden had been lifted. First, I had someone who was safe to talk to who was unbiased. Kate related so well to my experience. I didn’t feel like I was being judged. She didn’t minimize my experience, but she helped me see my situation from a different perspective. A positive one. 

From then on, we started working together to really define what I wanted. I realized that I had more power than I gave myself credit. Rather than trying to do everything at once, which I tend to do and that makes me overwhelmed, we broke my goals down into small, achievable steps. And I actually started to achieve them, which boosted my confidence. I started enjoying what I was doing, was much less stressed, and felt happier in general. 

Kate didn’t tell me what to do. She helped me find the answers. She asks a lot of questions, which makes me think. Sometimes it’s hard, but it’s always worth it. As a result of working with Kate, I feel in control over my mindset and my life.

- Samantha

Kate is incredible! We started working together because I wanted to improve my confidence, manage anxiety, and control my emotions more effectively. I was also feeling really unmotivated and overwhelmed. 

At first I was a little unsure about working with a coach. I don’t open up to people easily, but a friend recommended Kate to me and I’m so glad he did! She changed my life. Kate is relatable and an amazing listener. She just has a way of making you feel so comfortable immediately, which was really impressive and important to me. 

What I was also impressed with is that Kate really cares about you as a person. I wanted to improve my performance, but she didn’t start with outcomes. She started with helping me define who I am and who I want to be. For the first time in a long time, maybe ever, I felt like someone really cared about me. All goals we set were then built from there. She helped me break free from limiting beliefs and control what I can control. 

Working together has helped me so much. I am less anxious and more confident, patient, motivated to achieve my goals. Kate changed my life! I am so grateful and would highly recommend Kate’s coaching to anyone who is looking to improve themselves and their performance.

- Kelly

"Life Changing"

I started working with Kate to improve my mindset in order to achieve my goals as a professional athlete. Working with Kate has been everything I hoped for and more.

Her coaching and the tools she has equipped me with have created long lasting changes in my mindset. I'm more confident, resilient and she's helped me grow so much.

We started the coaching based on my desire to improve mentally for sport, but my improved mindset has helped improve all aspects of my life. I can’t recommend working with Kate enough.

"Even more than I hoped for"

- Magnus

Kate changed my perspective on how I look at myself and introduced me to so many helpful techniques that I use now. After only a couple of sessions, my life became so much more positive. My performance improved, I felt less anxious, and was more in control of my emotions and thoughts.

With Kate’s help, I learned how to set boundaries, trust and stand up for myself, and courageously pursue my goals, even when people discourage me. Working with Kate has been an invaluable experience. If you’re considering coaching and you are willing to do the work, ready to make changes, and ready to commit, work with Kate! She’s amazing!

"I trust and stand up for myself"

- Laura

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