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feel heard and encouraged in the hard times, celebrated in your "wins", and always empowered to show up at your best in all arenas of your life - sport, social, and school.

My Intention in mentoring is for you to:



Click the link below to connect and schedule your complimentary, discovery session during which we will get to know one another and discuss your goals for mentoring and what you can expect during our sessions.

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Consistency is crucial for developing an empowered mindset. We will meet every week for 30-minutes to discuss wins and challenges of the week + review mindset exercises and tools.


Progress is tracked across a 16-category Sports Personality Survey along with personal goal achievement and satisfaction metrics. Most importantly, we track how you feel about YOU.

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Reasons to work with Kate


Athletes are saying

1. Clearly defined goals and a plan for achieving them
2. Improved self-talk and control over "inner critic"
3. "So much less stressed!"
4. More balance, less anxiety managing responsibilities
5. Stop beating myself up so much
6. Supported by someone who has "been there, done that"
7. More confident about my future and ability to succeed
8. More confident and hopeful about recovering from injury
9. More motivated to train and excited to compete!
10. It's really cool to call an Olympian my friend and mentor!

"My daughter has really enjoyed her mentoring sessions. As tough as it is under the current circumstances, I have noticed improvement this week with her attitude while trying to do her swim practices by herself. She had been rather negative the past few weeks and wanting to quit in the middle when she was tired and sets got tough. She started to be more positive and I think she is starting to believe in herself more and get that confidence back that she use to have in abundance. Thank you!"

- RISE athlete parent

Parent Love

Two Membership Options

2x Monthly

Part Time Subscription

Bi-weekly, 30-minute video calls
Sports Personality Assessment
Individualized Mentoring Track (based on survey results)
Full chat access
Downloadable worksheets, exercises

4x Monthly

Full Time Subscription

Weekly, 30-minute video calls
Sports Personality Assessment
Individualized Mentoring Track (based on survey results)
Full chat access
Downloadable worksheets, exercises



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More the better! 4x

We started working together to really define what I wanted. I realized that I had more power than I gave myself credit. Rather than trying to do everything at once, which I tend to do and that makes me overwhelmed, we broke my goals down into small, achievable steps. And I actually started to achieve them, which boosted my confidence. I started enjoying what I was doing, was much less stressed, and felt happier in general.

- Samantha, Mentee

Athlete Love

My main goal when I started coaching was to improve my confidence - something that happened nearly immediately. I thought it would take longer since I’d been struggling for years, but Kate was incredible at being understanding but also challenging me. She helped me identify limiting beliefs and how I was sabotaging myself. I started to change my thinking and everything started to change. I am more focused, confident, my self talk is so much better, and I am so much happier! 

Simply put: Kate is the best coach ever!

- Jenna, Mentee

Athlete Love

Working together has helped me so much. I am less anxious and more confident, patient, motivated to achieve my goals. Kate changed my life! I am so grateful and would highly recommend Kate’s coaching to anyone who is looking to improve themselves and their performance.

- Kelly, Mentee

Athlete Love