Optimizing performance and impact through
self-leadership, mindset, and resilience trainings for teams and organizations.

Is your team optimizing for performance and well-being?

It's not enough to try harder and work longer. To outperform the competition, you must train smarter.

Quoting high performance expert Dr. Michael Gervais, "There are three things we can train:
Our craft, our mind, and our body."

Many organizations focus on the first while ignoring the latter. By overlooking the opportunity to optimize mindset skills training and holistic well-being, organizations are missing out on untapped potential. 

of employees have experienced employee burnout at their current job.


of employees feel that they are not reaching their full potential.


of Millennials consider access to professional development as being very important to their decision of whether to stay or go.


Organizations who invest in brain training and the well-being of their people will see: 

$500 billion


is lost every year due to
employee disengagement

improved, more consistent performance

increased employee retention

decreased turnover

increased levels of collaboration, innovation, and self-leadership.

"Our agency had a special training on “becoming a high performer” with Kate. The knowledge gained from this Olympian was amazing. Her vision on the Law of Incremental Gain was spot on. She made the material easy to understand and related well with our employees. We look forward to having her again at our agency. "

-Paul Rosson, Executive Director,
South Central Human Resource Agency

"Thank you for sharing your story and time with the Warrior Transition Battalion-Europe. It was very inspiring and showed that even world-class athletes have their ups and downs and that ANY obstacle can be overcome. Your heartfelt interest in their lived was noticed by everyone that you talked to. Thank you!

- Ron Jefferson, American Red Cross

"Kate spoke at our beginning of the year staff training and was fantastic. The tools she reinforced will be impactful in helping me and my team achieve our goals for the year. But, moreover, I will always remember how humble and kind she was to all the staff. She has really great interpersonal skills. I would highly recommend Kate as an interactive and engaging speaker!

- Rakaya Humphreys, Head Start

"Kate knocked it out of the park! In my time here, I've never seen so many positive testimonials in one training."

- Samantha Amick, Alliance for Better non-profits

Keynotes customized to your needs and goals. Combining stories from Kate's personal life and Olympic career with research and pragmatic tips,  participants will leave not only inspired but also with actionable insights and tools to create transformational change in their own lives.

The best way to learn is to do. 

Experiential workshops provide the perfect environment for diving deep and creating a shared understanding of how to optimize performance and well-being individually and as team. Workshops are available in 2-hour, half-day, or full-day increments.

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Experiential Workshops


Custom Solutions

Presentations aimed at helping individuals and teams upgrade their mindset and skillsets for greater resilience, influence, and impact.

About Kate

Kate Ziegler is a two-time Olympian, world-record setter, speaker, and holistic high-performance coach.

While dedicating her life to the pursuit of excellence, Kate has spent the last 7+ years helping individuals in sport and business experience high-performance results by becoming more resilient, intentional, confident, and consistent.

Combining a unique take on high-performance after experiencing the dark side of success, Kate helps individuals clarify their vision, upgrade their mindset and skillset, and manage energy to achieve peak performance without burning out.

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